Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tonite , tomok will perform 2 songs-aizat "hanya kau yg mampu" (macmanalah bunyinya tomok bawak ek??) and a new song composed by Aubrey suwito and lyrics Tinta S named as "Rindu terhenti" , well it's not clearly mention kinda music genre but I think could be pop rock . I think starts wt slow and ending with havoc damn fresh pop rock!!!...ha ha ha..I think I know the music arrangement..he will put a bit drama, slow and ending wt a bit rock music..all the fans (including myself) waiting for his performance..tonite is a nite to determine whos the 1 mil voice!!!..doa for you..2 seasons were girls, ths season aweera, esther both are still young..but talented..anyway hopefully tht lucky is on tomok's side.

as tomok's wishes in the Utusan M'sia-mega hits column (more or less) "what i can say.., i'll do the very best for the finale's nite which will recognise me as the first male contestant and first artist calls champion (in the OIAM).

hopefully tonite you'll be in a good & tip top conditions, right music arrangement, selective with gestures (you're good in this) and right selection of songs..Anyway if you dun get 1 mil..there are more than 1 mil fans are waiting for you dude!..doa you are the one for 1 mil vote for toomoookk...insya-Allah..salamm....