Friday, April 24, 2009

Wo..wo.. wo...tomooook!!'re really transformed yourself into a new can be a great entertainer man..!! you've got my vote last nite!!!...what a surprised..!! you nailed it!!.

if you make any concerts anywhere after this, I'm the first who will rush for the tickets..yeah all tickets.

Just a few advised to you dude..
dun be like nabil, johan, Siti Nurhaliza nor Fasha sanda !! we know they're success but..are they really happy??...nope!.. they can denied it but deep in their heart..nope!!..they are just hipocrite. Some of them used to say or acted "tak peduli apa org cakap!!" which is wrong really, really wrong!..'from there we know they are not 'brilliant' enough, org' is your fans actually..more or less you've hurt their heart if you say so...seems that you are eminently kind of arrogant person by not bothering to what they said. Definitely they will curse you later on. anyway what they say are 'DOA' . Exactly no one can control or force ourself but sometimes we need to listen others and reconsider it, of course you can refuse not to do it but make it in a right manner dude...They are the one who give vote to you. They wanna see you success!!.. really..!! you'll will success..we wanna see one more malaysian artist drives PORSCHE..that is you!!...great dude!! anuar zain (my favourite artist) bought at the age of late 30's uncle Nil at the age of mid 40'! ! the age of early 30's...aha..!! show to all Shah Indrawan is the best!!...

be like 'uncle AZNIL' ..!! he's really committed and brilliant and whatever statement coming out from him is very tactful and honestly everyone love him...I tell you..

One thing I like you whenever yelling at "heey!!" sounds cherish and happening..yeaaahh..!! say again "heeey!! bila kau bercinta lagi cintalah sesungguhnya..heyy!!"

go..go ..go tomok!!...dunworry you'll get the 1 mill...Insya-ALLAH...stay voting for

Post gamba chuk skit..even my dearest luvly charming youngest bro not a big fan of tomz but the way he dress and 'make up' a lil bit like him..hak3. !!
apa2 pun tomok or chuk both I luv...definitely..