Friday, May 1, 2009

CONGRATULATIONZZZZ..!!! you nailed it!! you're millionaire now!!!..OhMyGOD.!!!.doa fanz termakbul juga doa mak ayah last tomz won in this competition...happy, very very happy for you dude..!!boleh lah tido lena lepas nih..bukan saja tomok..all fanz dapat lena stressfull hah??..your work hard, yr sacrification and suffering last time was paid up tonite...that's wht ppl said wht u giv u get back..beri dgn tulus ikhlas, smthing good will come to u in returns...for sure insya-Allah..

You've got my vote again not 100 but thousnds votes from us one family....once I heard esther was in the first place...we were keeping on voting...ingat tuuu...we wanna see you win in this competition..!! yeaah you are the first male contestant and first artis won in this OIAM in Malaysia...hoping you drive PORSCHE after this...mmm tumpang tgok jerr...pun ok.. buat lagu best2 after this okay!

keep on learning dun stop...!! remember dun be like nabil, johan, s. nurhaliza nor fasha sanda like to acted or said "tak peduli apa org cakap" which is can reject or refuse but in a good manner..anyway u can't please everybody..only ordinary man ya..get Allah guidance..we dun want anything from you just tht..we want you to bring positive attitude as now teenagers are your fanz and even 11th yrs old boy becomes your fan..I bet you..whoah so surprisingly..!!

Take uncle aznil as an example...always giving tactful and brilliant comments...dun slip dude!!..plan & manage your financial wisely, be careful now everyone will admit they're yr fanz..many ppl will envy on you.....dun forget to leave comment if you drop by okay..may Allah bless you always...just watch you from far...always luk down dude..!! we luv u always...till then salammmm..looking forwrd to seeing you...