Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tomz goes forward..!!!

Quite sometime i hv'nt updated tis special blog abt tied up with a lot of commitment..tis great gentleman just completed his first project as a main cast in the box office film to be, hopefully.'s the first malaysia sci-fiction film called as MANTERA- MAN Transformable Exo-Robotic Armour, will be released soon in 2010 (year end i heard) shooting taken place at Dubai n Malaysia as well, gud for u dear... Besides he is busy with the new single album called Berlari (running)...hope u will be succeed and succeed in your future yourself tomz..we'll still love u and supporting u..just be yourself..luk down to earth, be contemplated before do anythin' since Malaysian r still emphasized n looked high on the good life value n routine life of malay moslem culture life. Eventho you r on top of the world wht u said ..history will be repeated..victory will be with those who r strong, courage n determine, the rest leave to Allah. stay cool n b yourself..!! luv u babe!..yeah..v luv u..!

As a record- Tomz has visited tis blog and i believed tis was the real Tomz he quoted as below:
"4 June 09, 21:33
tomok: hye semua..thanks ya pada yang sudi buat blog nie...untuk info terkini korang juga boleh melayari NEWBOYZ.HIGHFORUM.NET ataupun myspace tomok www.MYSPACE.COM/TOMOK NEWBOYZ....luv u all ".

Me, Hana: Appreciated ur time, tom visited my blog really appreciated that...